Continued Connections with Community Foods

At Seward Co-op we have always been passionate about sourcing high-quality products from makers who share our cooperative values. That’s one of the reasons we created the Community Foods labeling program in 2018. Purchases from local, small-scale, cooperative, inclusive and sustainable businesses keep money in our community and help build a more sustainable and equitable food system.

For years, we have known that many small-scale farmers and producers operate in a system that favors industrial agriculture and corporations. Since the pandemic, many of our Community Foods partners also must navigate a profoundly impacted food system and quickly adapt to implement practices that ensure safety. Now more than ever, our collective and continued investment in Community Foods helps to keep these producers thriving, and keep us well fed.

Co-op staff are connecting with our Community Foods farmers and makers to share their stories about how they are doing, adapting and planning for the future. Community Foods focuses on the real stories of producers that support Seward Co-op’s Ends Statement. Stay tuned for stories of the people, their food and the more resilient food system we are working to build together.

Current Featured Community Foods Producer

River Hills Harvest

Small-scale, local

River Hills Harvest brand only uses American elderberries grown by Midwest farmers in its products. When you buy this brand, you support specialty crop farmers across the Midwest and Minnesota. River Hills Harvest works with dozens of farms. Many of their farms convert what was depleted conventionally farmed land to organically alive soils using elderberry, an untilled native perennial that supports dozens of native pollinators.

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Previous Featured Community Foods Producers