• Nourish

    Simple healthy eating

Eating healthy and affordably can be challenging. Whether you have budget constraints or are just looking for ways to save on your grocery bill, Nourish offers practical ideas about how we can nourish ourselves, our families, and our community without sacrificing our values and budgets. It is truly a program designed for everyone.

Nourish Staples

Staples are pantry basics offered at a low price everyday. If you are looking for ways to save on your grocery bill while eating healthy, seeking out staples is a great place to start. “Staples” signs on the shelves highlight great everyday deals and some of the co-ops most affordable foods and wellness products.

Nourish Staples List

Nourish Recipes

Nourish recipes are an affordable way to feed four people — often for $10 or less — using ingredients available at Seward Co-op. Find a collection of these fun and easy recipes page.


Nourish 101 Classes

Attend a free Nourish 101 class. Learn basic scratch-cooking techniques, how to prepare recipes that feed a family of four often for under $10, and how to shop the co-op.

Needs-based Ownership

Shoppers who have financial need can become owners with an initial investment of $15 through the needs-based ownership option. The remaining $60 of co-op stock purchase is accrued through patronage refund earnings. Needs based ownerships are available to those enrolled in Minnesota Food Assistance, WIC, MinnesotaCare and Minnesota Medical Assistance, or Social Security Disability.

All owners who have financial need may also apply for our needs-based discount. Visit Customer Service to apply.