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As a cooperative business, Seward Community Co-op exists to sustain a healthy community with two full-service grocery stores and a production facility. We are passionate about sourcing products from makers who share our values and that are of the highest possible quality. We prioritize product selection using our Community Foods—Values Every Day program. As a cooperative, we believe in the power of economic democracy. Rather than discontinuing a product line during a boycott, we encourage shoppers to vote with their dollars.

Product Commitment

Seward Community Co-op carries a wide variety of products to meet the differing needs of our shoppers. Our dedication to sustaining a healthy community leads us to emphasize the Community Foods: Values Every Day program, which supports producers with at least two of these qualities:

  • Inclusive i.e., people of color, women, LGBTQIA+, disabled, and/or veteran-owned
  • Small-scale
  • Local, i.e., Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa
  • Cooperative
  • Sustainable

With our long history in natural foods, we remain committed to offering products with straightforward ingredients. We value organic certification to provide assurance that foods are grown and processed safely and sustainably. We also provide options to those with specific dietary needs.