• Community Foods

    Values Every Day

Community Foods is a Seward Co-op labeling program featuring producers that best align with our cooperative values and mission to sustain a healthy community. Community Foods purchases are important, everyday investments in a sustainable and equitable food system. Look for Community Foods logos around our stores to support Community Foods producers.

Learn About the Makers

With Community Foods, we’re focusing on the real stories of our producers that support Seward Co-op’s Ends.

Community Impact

We contribute to a more equitable economy by offering quality products through intentional sourcing.

How to Qualify?

To qualify for the Seward Co-op Community Foods label, producers must meet at least two of the criteria outlined below.


Producers from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.


Products sourced directly from producers.


Businesses run by and for people, with democratic governance and profits shared proportionate to use.


Businesses owned by historically underrepresented individuals.


Producers who implement agricultural, production, or manufacturing practices which build and maintain healthy soil; manage water wisely; minimize air, water, and climate pollution; and promote biodiversity.