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Growing Healthy Communities Starts Small

At Seward Co-op, everyone is welcome. Each day, we strive to make our shoppers feel safe, appreciated, and seen. For those co-op patrons caring for little ones at home, we’re happy to introduce and invite you to a new program built just for you and your young cooperators. Welcome to Microgreens!

Microgreens wasn’t just designed to provide awesome caregiver-kiddo activities and classes; it’s also a way to start getting young people to think about sustainability, engage with their communities, and build healthy relationships with local food systems, all while making food fun! Microgreens makes the world of cooperatives, sustainably sourced food, and sustainable communities accessible and enjoyable to the youngest Seward Co-op shoppers.

Upcoming Classes and Events

Browse family-friendly classes and events to engage young cooperators and their adults, too.

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Try these easy-to-make recipes from Seward Co-op and Co+op Explorers (a National Co+op Grocers’ program) with your young ones!