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    Shopping tips to fit your budget

Everyone is welcome to shop at Seward Co-op. You do not need to be an owner to shop at the co-op, but if you decide to join you will enjoy numerous owner benefits. There are many ways to shop the co-op on a budget. In addition to the store specials, owner deals, and coupons savvy shoppers know how to get the best price on seasonal produce, browse clearance baskets across the co-op, compare prices with price per ounce information on shelf tags, and save money (and the planet) by shopping bulk.

Case discount

Co-op owners receive a 10% discount and non-owners receive a 5% discount on pre-ordered bulk or case items at the grocery stores

Discount on bulk meat

All customers save 5% and owners can save 10% when they purchase meat in bulk at 10 lbs. or more, some exclusions apply. Meat is prepared in-house by our skilled whole carcass butchers. 

Bring Your Own Bag

Did you know Seward Co-op has been free of plastic grocery bags for over 10 years? The co-op offers a $0.10 bag credit to folks who bring their own bag and charges $0.05 for paper grocery bags. 

Bring Your Own Mug

The co-op offers a $0.25 discount on self-serve coffee to those who bring their own mug.

Clearance Items

Check the shelves and clearance baskets for manager specials on day old bread, dented cans, produce past its peak, short-dated meat, seafood, and dairy, and out-of-season general merchandise and wellness items.