• Bulk

    Low-waste grocery shopping

Seward Co-op opened in 1972, and most of the store offerings were bulk! Decades later, providing bulk options remains a pillar of our store. Reuse containers and pick up only the amount you need for your recipe, cutting costs and food waste by shopping Bulk. Our Bulk section includes baking products, snacks, nuts, and granola–as well as teas, wellness, and beauty products, and more. Bring your own containers or use the ones we provide. No matter how you do it, you’re part of the co-op’s bulk legacy.

Positive Environmental Impacts

Seward Co-op has grown with purpose throughout its history and remains committed to positive environmental impacts. One way we demonstrate this commitment is through the Bulk Department, which remains the heart of our stores.


Fair Trade

We contribute to a more equitable economy by offering quality products through intentional sourcing. Fair trade helps make the right choices the easiest ones.


Nourish products highlight some of the co-op’s most affordable foods and Wellness products.

In 2022, we sold $1.7 million of Nourish products.

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