• Cheese

    Seward Co-op staff know cheese

Our cheese mongers know dairy. They’re knowledgeable about our local cheese selection and offer excellent customer service. We are intentional about offering cheese that meets the needs of folks with dietary sensitivities and for shoppers utilizing WIC. Most of our cheese comes in by the wheel and is handcut in-house. Not only does that offer you the freshest cheese possible, but you can rest assured our cheese mongers get face time with every gouda, cotija, and brie that crosses our counter. Stop in to browse our extensive variety of local, European, affordable, high-end, WIC allowed, and alternatives to cow milk cheeses.

School lunch and after-school snacks covered

Nourish cheeses make practical affordable snacks for lunch or between meals.

Premium local cheese for your party

We source a variety of Community Foods cheeses from local, Midwest farmers and cooperatives.

WIC-eligible cheese is available

Ask our friendly cheese staff for assistance locating cheeses found on the WIC approved product list.