• Deli & Bakery

    Seward-made available daily

It’s always a great time to get together and gather over great food! Our deli makes it easy with cooperatively handcrafted on-the-go meals, desserts, and a full-service drink bar. All items are made right here at Seward Co-op with ingredients you can trust. Whether you’re celebrating or just love when someone else does the cooking, make Seward-made a seasonal tradition.

Hot and Salad Bars

Self-serve Salad and Hot Bars are available at both the Franklin and Friendship stores. We proudly provide options that prioritize organic and local produce and emphasize animal products in line with our environmental goals. We strive to highlight culinary traditions and cuisines from around the world, as well as offer vegan, vegetarian, and/or gluten-free selections. Packaged salads and hot bar items are also available.

Cooked beans and rice are available daily at the Deli counter for $2.49/lb.


Quick and Easy Meals

Seward-made simple proteins, rotisserie chicken, salads, entrees, dips and dessert make mealtime quick and easy. Our options change with the season to keep things fresh. Cooked beans and rice are available daily at the Deli counter for $2.49/lb.

Reusable Deli Containers

Now in the Deli, Seward Co-op offers durable green containers for Hot and Salad Bars that can be used hundreds of times, cutting down on single-use packaging waste.


Full-service Drink Bar

Fair-trade coffees & teas, juices and smoothies made with organic fruits and vegetables, and organic hot cocoa.

Drink Menu