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Seward Co-op combines a farmers market feel with supermarket convenience. We’ve got everything you need for one-stop shopping. You’ll find all the pantry staples and a broad selection of meat and cheese alternatives. Our frozen aisles provide a diverse selection of the best natural and organic foods we can find, from everyday values to gourmet indulgences. Each day of the week, we receive whole grain, organic, and artisanal breads from local bakeries and cooperatives. Looking for wheat-free, yeast-free, or gluten-free bread? We have options for you. We are passionate about great food, and we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Vote with your Dollar

Community Foods connect shoppers to important, everyday investments in a sustainable and equitable food system.

Destination for Dairy and Meat Alternatives

Find an ever expanding selection of meat alternatives, as well as non-dairy milks and cheeses.

Simple Healthy Eating

The Nourish program highlights some of the co-op’s most affordable foods and Wellness products.

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Specials Diets and Cultural-specific Offerings

We offer what our community wants, including culturally inclusive offerings. Our shelves are stocked with everything from teff flour to gluten-free options.