• A graphic promoting the CSA Fair in 2023

CSA Fair

The end of April marks the return of Seward Co-op’s free annual Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Fair! We’re excited to host farmers–and welcome supporters!–on Saturday, April 29 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Seward Co-op Creamery parking lot at 2601 E. Franklin Ave. This year, we’ll also be celebrating the hiring of our new General Manager, Ray Williams, with a welcome reception, including snacks, refreshments, and mingling, with Ray. Finally, we’re looking forward to welcoming attendees to “walk and talks” around the Creamery building, where community members will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice their ideas for the future of the space. It’s going to be a full–and fun–day!

To prepare for the CSA portion of the fair, we’ve gathered a wealth of information for you to choose a CSA in 2023 that works for you and your household. See below for a guide to farms that provide our community with delicious food throughout the growing season. Some farms also offer add-ons like honey, maple syrup, eggs, and flowers. Others allow CSA shares to be customized, and provide other options to fit your needs such as half shares, weekly purchase options, and more. Farms are grouped by types of shares (vegetables, fruit and mushrooms, meat, cheese, and eggs, etc.) and you’ll additionally find a link to all of the farms you’ll see in-person at this year’s fair. In total, we will feature more than 30 local CSA farms here and on our social media that help contribute to a strong and vibrant local food system.

★ In-person farms: Farms with a ★ next to their name will be attending the 2023 Seward Co-op CSA Fair in person. You’ll have the opportunity to ask them questions and learn more about what CSA share works for you.

Mutual aid option: Some farms have a mutual aid option, allowing you to donate funds or a CSA share to community members in need. Each farm page will indicate if they have a mutual aid option.

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