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Introducing Friendship Store Managers

We are proud to introduce the management team of the Friendship store! This talented group of leaders brings a wealth of experience and diverse backgrounds to the co-op. Raynardo Williams, Store ManagerSamuel Bjorgum, Produce ManagerNick Cronin, Assistant Store ManagerKarl Gerstenberger, Meat & Seafood ManagerAngel(ika) Matthews, Deli ManagerDiane McCarthy, Wellness ManagerVivian Mims, Front End ManagerRebecca Yuzefovich,…  Read More

Open Letter To Owners

Dear Seward Co-op Owners, Just months from now is the scheduled opening of the Friendship store, which is a realization of the co-op’s long-term vision of expanding our community-owned business. In October 2015, nearly 2,000 households that are current owners of Seward Co-op will have a store less than 1½ miles from their home. We…  Read More

Project Updates February 2015

Significant progress has occurred over the past couple of months, and we’re excited to share these updates with you. Friendship Store Friendship Store is taking shape! We are now five months into what we estimate to be a 12-month construction schedule. After a delay earlier in the winter due to utility relocations, we have seen…  Read More

Seward Co-op on Kare11

With a Honey Cashew Chicken recipe and scrumptious dish in hand, Seward Co-op’s Tom Vogel (Marketing Manager) and Ladonna Sanders-Redmond (Education and Outreach Coordinator) went on Kare11-TV yesterday to talk co-ops, Equal Exchange cashews, and our Friendship store expansion.

The Power of Positive Investments

Just six weeks into our capital campaign, Seward Co-op owners have invested $788,500 — 31 percent of our $2.5 million goal. With roughly ten weeks left in the offering, we are well on our way to securing the investments needed to build the Friendship Store and renovate the Creamery. In addition to purchasing shares of…  Read More

Invest: Make the Friendship Store and Creamery a Reality

In the past five years, Seward Co-op’s ownership has nearly tripled, so it’s not surprising that owners have already invested $674,500 — 27% of our goal — in Seward’s Friendship Store & Franklin Creamery Projects. But in case you didn’t know about Seward’s twin expansion projects or haven’t heard anything recently, here’s a brief recap/update:…  Read More

Committed Ownership = Success

A committed ownership is at the core of Seward Co-op’s success. In the past five years our ownership has nearly tripled. This growth is directly linked to our financial achievements, as well as our role as a positive contributor to our community and the environment. As we prepare for the upcoming expansions, owner support through…  Read More

Do Low-Income Folks Really Want to Eat Healthy Food?

“If you build it, will they come?” That’s the essential question of NPR’s article It Takes More Than A Produce Aisle To Refresh A Food Desert that’s been making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds this week. As it happens, the article is a nice bit of synchronicity for Seward. As we contemplate the…  Read More