SEED: Seward Co-op's Donation Program

December SEED recipient: Isuroon Ethnic Food Shelf
Bryant/Central neighborhood

Isuroon is dedicated to building Somali women’s self-sufficiency so that they can lead healthier, more productive lives in Minnesota, nationally and in Somalia. Funding will support the creation of an ethnic food shelf serving the Somali Community in South Minneapolis.

So far this month, 25,020 customers have donated $11,393 to Isuroon Ethnic Food Shelf!

For more than 40 years, Seward Co-op has been committed to giving back to our community. In 2011, we introduced SEED, a new way for customers to participate in this commitment. This simple yet powerful community giving program allows customers to “round-up” their grocery bill for recipient organizations that share our commitment to a healthy community.

Recent SEED Recipients

November 2014: Waite House Southside Kitchen
(totals: 40,187 customers donated $18,497)

October 2014: Hope Community
(totals: 40,421 customers donated $17,837)

September 2014: Brian Coyle Food Shelf
(totals: 40,500 customers donated $18,194)

August 2014: Nawayee Center School
(totals: 40,231 customers donated $18,065)

July 2014: Children’s Hospital
(totals: 40,917 customers donated $17,931)

June 2014: Brian Coyle Food Shelf
(totals: 39,119 customers donated $17,484)

May 2014: Sabathani Community Center
(totals: 41,450 customers donated $18,470)

April 2014: WE WIN Institute
(totals: 39,408 customers donated $16,947)

March 2014: Brian Coyle Food Shelf
(totals: 40,421 customers donated $18,430. Seward Co-op matched $2,109 over the course of a weekend, for a total of $20,539.)

February 2014: Open Arms of Minnesota
(totals: 72,754 customers donated $15,207)

January 2014: Midtown Farmers Market
(totals: 67,655 customers donated $13,812)

Find SEED donation totals for past year's recipients here, including emergency disaster relief efforts.