SEED: Seward Co-op's Donation Program

February SEED recipient: MAD DADS


MAD DADS stands up against gangs, drugs, and crime in our communities. SEED funds will be used to fund community outreach that helps connect people to jobs, drug treatment, housing, health care, and much more.

So far this month, 45,706 customers have donated $20,745 to MAD DADS.

ImageFor more than 40 years, Seward Co-op has been committed to giving back to our community. In 2011, we introduced SEED, a new way for customers to participate in this commitment. This simple yet powerful community giving program allows customers to “round-up” their grocery or cafe bill for recipient organizations that share our commitment to a healthy community. Become a SEED Recipient.

Recent SEED Recipients

January 2017: Kente Circle Training Institute
(52,913 customers donated $23,422)

December 2016: Sabathani Community Center
(53,120 customers donated $24,558)

November 2016: Dream of Wild Health
(55,333 customers donated $24,663)

Find SEED donation totals for past year's recipients here, including emergency disaster relief efforts.