About the Scorecard

Seward Co-op’s Scorecard was created in 2006 to share the effects of our business in numerous areas. The Scorecard’s creation was a staff-led process, and the writing of it gave several staff the opportunity to develop language defining the co-op’s success. The data points included demonstrate Seward Co-op’s progress in achieving its mission, or Ends Statement.

The Seward Co-op Ends Statement gives clear definition of our purpose and demands that the co-op's success be measured against the health of our community. It reads:

Seward Co-op will sustain a healthy community that has:

Two of the Scorecard’s goals are to provide a source of direction towards meeting the Ends and to increase alignment throughout the co-op, from co-op owners to the Board of Directors to the General Manager to the staff.

When Scorecard data is collected, we essentially are reviewing the co-op’s operations. One sees the Scorecard “in action” when observing the improvements and policy changes that are periodically made at the co-op. The Scorecard is a living document, a dynamic measuring tool that will change over time. We are excited to continue using the Scorecard to demonstrate the co-op’s values as our business contributes to a healthier and more sustainable community.