Grants & Donations

Empty Bowls. A 2011 Community Donations Program recipient.

From early on in its history, Seward Co-op has made it a priority to give back to the community. One of our Scorecard commitments reads: “We measure our success by how well we commit to financial goals that allow us to maximize our profits in the support of our values and the values of the community.” Find more information about our various grants and donations below.

Giving Initiatives

  • SEED round-up program. In 2011, the co-op launched SEED, a fundraising program that allows shoppers to “round up” their grocery bill totals at the register to easily donate money to worthwhile community organizations.

  • Seward Community Fund (SCF). In 2005, the establishment of the Seward Community Fund (SCF) — an endowment to provide annual grants to local organizations — enabled the co-op to begin making more sizable contributions (several thousand dollars in some cases) to a handful of organizations every year.

  • Community Donations Program. Seward Co-op gift vouchers enable dozens of community nonprofits to purchase food for fundraising or volunteer events for their organizations.

In addition to these donation programs, the co-op provides monetary sponsorships for local events and nonprofits. These sponsorships have supported a wide range of organizations and causes aligned with the values of the cooperative movement.

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