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Candidate Withdrawal

Prepare to Vote in the 2019 Board of Directors Election

There are four at-large seats open. Three are three-year terms and the fourth seat is a one-year term. The candidate who receives the fourth highest number of votes will serve the one-year term. There is one designated employee director seat open for a one-year term, fulfilling the final year of a vacated seat. Current employees…  Read More

PopChips Recall

PopChips has issued a voluntary recall due to gluten levels that exceed the specified levels set by their gluten free certification. Pop Chips Sea Salt Potato Chips, 5oz08266650080Lot #AUG0620$4.29 It is possible that affected product was sold in past three months at both Seward Co-op stores (Franklin and Friendship). Affected product has been removed from…  Read More

Prepare to Vote in the 2019 Board of Directors Election

In October, the annual Seward Co-op Board of Directors election will begin. Co-op owners elect the board of directors— one vote per owner. Help maintain our healthy co-op democracy and participate in the direction we take as a community-owned business by casting your vote. The election commences on Tuesday, Oct. 1. We will send emails…  Read More

SEED: Dream of Wild Health

September’s SEED recipient is Dream of Wild Health. Dream of Wild Health is a Native led nonprofit farm that provides leadership programs for Native youth. Dream of Wild Health grows indigenous seeds and foods, and supports Native youth in advocating for a healthy community. It is their mission to “restore health and well-being in the…  Read More

Sales Flyer

Featured Store Specials Featured Owner Specials Sept. 4 – Sept. 17 Sept. 18 – Oct. 1

Seward-made Fall Menu

Seward Co-op’s production kitchen is cooking up Fall favorites. Here are some highlights of what you’ll find in our stores: •Lentil, Squash, and Parsnip Salad (vegan & made without gluten)•Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (made without gluten)•Vegan Macaroni & Cheese (vegan)•Wheat Berry Apple and Pecan Salad Sausage Greek Loukaniko—Loukaniko is the word for sausage…  Read More

Low-waste Grocery Shopping with Bulk

Join us for the Bulk Sale on Thursday, Sept. 19 to celebrate 47 years of sustainable bulk shopping! Seward Co-op opened its first storefront in 1972. We were one of many third wave co-ops that spun out of the People’s Pantry here in the Twin Cities. Community members were looking for economic and ideological independence…  Read More

Seward Co-op’s Role in Community Crises

Concern for Community is a Co-op Principle, Sustaining a Healthy Community is Our Mission Our community and our nation are facing crises of opioid use and homelessness and they’re showing up at Seward Co-op. Focused on community-based solutions, Seward Co-op has joined forces with Twin Cities area co-ops, St. Stephen’s Human Services and the Minnesota…  Read More

2019 SEED Recipients

2019 SEED Recipients January: Mental Health Resources (Community Choice) Mental Health Resources’ Seward Community Support Program (“CSP”) drop-in center on Minnehaha Avenue provides healthy snacks, meals, and health mentoring for 400 neighbors who are recovering from serious mental illness so they can thrive physically and mentally. February: Cultural Wellness Center The Dreamland Co-Café, a project of…  Read More

Past SEED Recipients

2018 December The Aliveness Project (52,459 customers donated $23,552) November Brian Coyle Center (51,867 customers donated $23,101) October Hmong American Farmers Association (52,830 customers donated $22,989) September CAPI USA (53,504 customers donated $23,478) August MAD DADS (55,134 customers donated $23,880) July Tamales y Bicicletas (53,309 customers donated $23,479) June Sabathani & Brian Coyle Food Shelves (39,937 customers donated…  Read More