Thank You Co-op Staff

Join us in thanking our staff for all the cooperative spirit and hard work they bring to our co-op time and time again!


Support Hoyo’s mission in empowering Somali women in local food business.

Invest in Black Women-Owned Businesses


When we shop Community Foods products at Seward Co-op, we support producers like Safésha.

Shop the Co-op Safely and Easily

As we head into the cold months of winter, and we spend more time indoors, it is important to continue to do our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19. Right now, Minnesota is seeing a spike in cases. This is putting stress on hospitals and we are seeing shortages of hospital beds. To provide…

Co-op Shopping Tips

Co-op Shopping Tips 1. Please shop alone, rather than with a partner or family. 2. Plan your shopping trips ahead of time with a shopping list. Look to recipes for inspiration and to help inform the quantities needed to nourish yourself and your household. 3. To maximize the efficiency of your shopping trip we have…

Seward-made Stuffing Sausage

Seward Co-op stuffing sausage is the perfect complement to harvest celebration meals. Now available for a limited time.

Hmong New Year

Hmong New Year is an annual celebration that takes place in the fall to honor the ancestors and spirits and give thanks for the completion of the year’s harvest as well as to welcome in a new beginning.

Winter Shelters

Heated shelters are being built at both stores to aid social distancing and shield shoppers from the elements during the cold months.

Reusable Bags at Seward Co-op

You may have read in the news that New York state recently implemented a plastic bag ban. This is great news and is a big step toward positive environmental impacts. On the other hand, this has added pressure to an already strained paper bag supply chain, which means Seward Co-op and other retailers may experience…