Seward Co-op combines a farmer's-market feel with supermarket convenience. We've got everything you need for one-stop shopping, but with more personal touch. The direct relationships we build with local farmers and producers, along with our focus on organic and earth-friendly options, make co-op shopping a truly sustainable choice. We are passionate about good food, and we are always happy to help in any way we can.

Locally Made Products

Peace Coffee. Our friends at the Perennial Plate have created the next best thing to a trip to the origin of coffee. Last winter, Peace Coffee accompanied them on a tour of the Sidama region of Ethiopia to visit with the local coffee roaster’s partners at the Sidama Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU).

"Unlike most coffee growing regions of the world, in Ethiopia the folks who grow the coffee, also drink the product. Long considered the birthplace of the beverage, Ethiopia produces some of the best. This little film is a love song to coffee, the grueling work that goes into producing it and the importance of small farms and cooperation in that process." -- Perennial Plate

The Beez Kneez Delivery, based in Minneapolis, was founded in 2010 by beekeeper Kristy
Image Lynn Allen. Allen works with Bar Bell Bee Ranch in Squaw Lake, Minn., producing four different kinds of raw, unprocessed honey that is delivered throughout the Twin Cities by bicycle. At Seward Co-op, you’ll find the Clover Basswood, Buckwheat, and Collective Special varieties as well as the occasional seasonal honey. In addition to pedaling and producing high-quality honey, Beez Kneez works to educate local communities on the honeybee’s vital role in the sustainability and health of our food systems.