Get to Know Goat Cheese


Most people make their first foray into the goat cheese world with a taste of fresh chevre; a soft, spreadable cheese beloved for its tangy, sometimes gamey flavor. But many people don't realize that fresh chevre is only the beginning – just like cheese made from cow milk, goat milk cheeses come in a variety of styles and flavor profiles. From mild, creamy brie-style rounds to sharper, nuttier goat goudas and cheddars, the selection in our cheese case showcases the versatility of goats milk and the variety of flavor it produces.

Here at Seward, we're happy to provide a sample of any cheese we carry, because tasting something new is the best way to discover a potential favorite! If you haven't tried goat cheese before, or are looking for something new and different, our staff will be happy to recommend one we think you might enjoy.