In-store Music

  • Seward Co-op Dining Area

Franklin Store:

DD & Company is Dick Danaher (accordion, clarinet, tenor saxophone, vocals), Nick Jordan (guitar, vocals, tinwhistle, and foot percussion) and Philip Rampi (calf skin free percussion, on the side).


They play and sing Swing, Zydeco, Western Swing, Old-Time Country, Rockabilly, and Jug-Band music, plus the odd Tango and Irish jig. The tie that binds their music is catchy dance rhythms from many cultures, propelled by the big voice of the accordion, jazzy solos on clarinet and sax, the rich tones of an electric archtop guitar of fine vintage, fierce double percussion from a small drum kit and relentless foot percussion in the French Canadian style. All band members sing enthusiastically.

Friendship Store:

Mark Browning Milner is a pop-rock-r&b-blues-folk-American-songbook singer-guitarist without a drummer who nevertheless ascends such heights of rhythmic intensity that his audiences do not notice the absence of the meathead pounding calfskins in the rear. He was born and raised in Marion, Ohio (a nice place to be from) which was also home to Warren G. Harding, Rod Serling, John Dean, and Gerry Mulligan, all of whom are considered influences.