In the Seward Coop Cheese Department, you can learn a lot about our dedication to fresh product and coop values through our practices involving one of the simplest of cheeses: mozzarella.

When it comes to fresh mozzarella, we pull it by hand virtually every day. During the late summer, when local tomatoes are at their peak, we often pull mozzarella twice a day. We consider Seward’s hand-pulled fresh mozzarella to be the best in town.

If you are looking for a block of low moisture mozzarella for a pizza, we carry only Burnett Dairy Coop mozzarella. Burnett Dairy is a Wisconsin cheese maker, producing great-tasting, hormone-free mozzarella. Burnett Dairy is also notable because it falls under the P6 label: P6 is a program you'll only see in participating co-ops that promotes small, local, and co-op producers. P6 is important to us because it not only promotes local products, but places an emphasis the small and co-op producers that Seward supports.

In the Cheese Department, however, you will also find European classics like Roquefort, Manchego, Parmesan Reggiano, and Gruyere among the nearly 200 selections of cheese. You can also count on a knowledgeable staff that can help you with everything from putting together a stunning cheese plate to assisting you with finding the perfect choice for a grilled cheese sandwich.