In the Seward Co-op Cheese Department, we believe we have the best selection of local cheese in the Twin Cities. We carry about 170 products, more than 100 of which are from Minnesota, Wisconsin or Iowa.

The Cheese Department, however, is not strictly local. We carry many of the world’s great cheeses, including a selection of European classics from France, Italy, Spain and England. We love great cheese, no matter where it comes from.

We also pride ourselves in offering our customers great values. When you are looking for an inexpensive sandwich or snacking cheese, check out our Pasture Pride Cheddar or our part-skim and whole-milk mozzarellas. All are priced competitively with conventional grocery stores. These budget cheeses, like virtually all of our other products, are made with certified hormone-free milk. They taste great and are healthful, honest cheeses.

In addition, the Cheese Department is staffed by specialists who are passionate about our cheese. If you want to talk raw milk, cave-aged cheese, from grass-fed animals, step on up to the cheese counter, because we would love to talk to you. On the other hand, if you do not know how to pronounce Époisses or have never tasted goat cheese, we also are happy to help you make a selection. If you would like a taste of a particular cheese before making a purchase, we will provide you with one. We can special order you a whole wheel of cheese or just cut you a small piece.