In addition to the construction of a second store at 38th and 3rd, the co-op has leased the Creamery building at Franklin and 26th avenues. We will be redeveloping this space to accommodate our need for a food production facility on the first floor and to provide much-needed additional office space on the second floor.

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Friendship Store

In late June 2013, we announced our proposed second store’s site across the street from the Sabathani Community Center at East 38th Street and Clinton Avenue South. This decision was the outcome of conversations that the board, management and staff have had over the past three years. We are very excited about the prospect of this new store. While we are very early in the process, we see this as a great opportunity to bring people together to improve access by sharing what we have with our neighbors.

Co-op Creamery

As you drive down Franklin Avenue, you may have noticed some construction occurring at the building on the corner of 26th and Franklin. We are in the midst of remodeling the Co-op Creamery building in order to house the co-op’s offices on the second floor and to build a food production facility that will serve both the Franklin and Friendship stores. We are still working on the plans for the first floor, and we hope to complete that project in fall/winter 2014.

Invest in Seward Co-op, Invest in the Community

Both of these developments will need our investment. As many of you may recall, in 2007 we raised amongst ourselves $1.5 million of the $10.5 million needed to build our current store. The willingness to invest in order to realize a cooperative that can serve more people is a testimony to the essence of our community. We are not just a geographic community, but one of shared values. These are built upon the ethics of fairness in trade, concern for the environment, dreams of a sustainable local economy and food we can trust. This integrity of purpose underlines the vital role Seward and other co-ops play in the quality of our lives.