• How to Cook Dried Beans


How to Cook Dried Beans


As a general rule, 1 cup of dried beans yields about 2 1/2–3 cups of cooked beans.


If you have time to prep your beans a day in advance, put beans in a pot and cover them in a few inches of water. Place in the fridge overnight.
You can also quick-soak beans. Add beans to a pot, cover with water, bring to a boil, and then cover the pot and turn off the heat. Let them sit for at least a half an hour in the hot water, then drain and proceed to the next step.
Note: Lentils, mung beans, and split peas do not need to be soaked.

2. Simmer

Drain soaked beans and rinse. Transfer to pot, then cover them in a few inches of water. Bring to a simmer, but do not boil- the beans will break easier. Add a very small amount of salt to the water as they cook.

3. Add Aromatics
Add aromatics to the pot. Try onions, shallots, or garlic. You can also use fresh herbs- rosemary, sage, bay leaves, and thyme are great choices. Try wrapping a small handful in some cheesecloth or reusable teabag and tying off with kitchen twine. This way you can remove the bag without a mess when you are finished cooking.

4. Finish cooking and season
Once beans are tender (generally between 45 minutes to an hour and a half- less time for lentils, mung beans, or split peas), remove from heat, and add salt to taste. Add acidic ingredients like lemon juice or tomatoes, and any umami additions such as kombu. Taste the broth rather than the beans themselves, and allow the beans to sit for a half an hour before eating to let flavors meld.

5. Tips
Beans are an excellent, affordable, and delicious option to bulk up salads, add to soups, combine into dips or spreads, or mix into main dishes.
Beans freeze very well, just make sure to cool them completely before putting them into a container. Leave 1-2 inches of room in the container for expansion while freezing.
Unused seasoned bean cooking liquid can be used to add flavor to soups, stews, braises, and sauces.

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