Spice Up Your Appetizer with Cajun Boudin Sausage

ImageIn the spirit of Mardi Gras, Seward Co-op's sausage department is offering Cajun Boudin, a classic Louisiana sausage.

Seward-made Cajun Boudin is deliciously spicy and loaded with peppers, onions, liver and pork from Peterson Craftsman Meats in Osceola, Wisconsin, a local Community Foods producer.

To eat like an Acadiana local, skip the casing on this one by squeezing out the mixture as you eat it or cutting it open and forming a boudin ball that you roll in corn meal and fry. It's a great choice for snacking on with beers while the gumbo or étouffée simmer.

Pairs well with grits, collard greens or black-eyed peas. Try eggs benedict with boudin balls instead of ham.

Find the Cajun Boudin and other Seward-made sausages now in our Meat and Seafood department!

All Seward-made sausage is made in Seward Co-op's production kitchen.