What's Your Favorite P6 Product?

We had a prize drawing this week in the store, where Seward customers wrote down their names and their favorite P6 products, and the randomly-drawn winner took home a great big beautiful basket of P6 goodies.

Below are some of the top names and products that Seward customers wrote down. It reads like a who's-who of local food celebrities, so if you see any names or products that you don't recognize, give them a try the next time you're in the store. You're in for a real treat.

So here it is, the top responses to "What's your favorite P6 product?"

  • Hoch Orchards apple products
  • Hill & Vale beef
  • Cedar Summit Cream-Top Milk
  • Beez Kneez Honey
  • Equal Exchange Love Buzz coffee
  • Driftless Organic’s potatoes
  • Larry Schultz eggs (with smiley face)
  • Gardens of Eagan
  • Native Harvest Maple Syrup
  • Seward Bakery cream puffs (YES!)
  • Bitter melon
  • Mean Green Hot Sauce

And of course....

  • “What's P6?"