Donate Eyeglasses at the Co-op


Seward Community Co-op is accepting donations as part of Alaffia's Eyeglasses Drive now through July 31.

The glasses can be dropped at the Wellness or Customer Service desks at either co-op store. Find the donation boxes or ask a staff member.

Alaffia’s Empowerment Projects aim to address vital areas for the self-empowerment of the people of West Africa while fostering a sense of community and commitment to sustainable practices. The Empowerment Projects are maternal care, education, reforestation, and eyeglasses.

For Alaffia’s Eyeglasses Project, Alaffia collects used eyeglasses through the efforts of customers and retail partners around the U.S., including Seward Co-op. Alaffia hires an optometrist in Togo to correctly fit and distribute eyeglasses. In Togo, there are very few optometrists and eye exams cost as much as one-month’s wages and a pair of eyeglasses four-month’s wages, according to Alaffia.

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