Seward-made Bierbrat with Fair State Brews

Seward Co-op's sausage makers are partnering with Fair State Brewing Cooperative on a seasonal bierbrat.

Brat recipes are rotating with the seasons, as are the beers we bring in.

Starting in April, the Seward-made Bierbrat features pilsner from the Northeast Minneapolis co-op, as well as pork from Peterson Craftsman Meats and sauerkraut from Fizzeology—all Community Foods producers.

The recipe is inspired by a pork and cabbage sausage from Germany's Steigerwald region of Bavaria. Our sausage makers use sauerkraut instead of cabbage and picked Fair State's German pilsner for its dry and crisp flavor.

Enjoy Seward-made bierbrat poached in beer and then grilled. Pairs well with pan-friend potatoes, a green herb salad (Grüne Soße) and asparagus. Find the Seward-made Bierbrat in Meat & Seafood at Seward Co-op's Franklin and Friendship stores.

Ingredients: pork, sauerkraut (cabbage, salt), pilsner beer, salt, onion, powder, parsley, green onion, granulated garlic, lemon zest, white pepper, mace, juniper, hog casing

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