Jill Krueger



I am motivated to run for Seward Co-op’s Board of Directors in order to serve a community that I love. In my time as a co-op owner and member of the board, I have seen the co-op live out its commitment to social inclusiveness, economic equity, and environmental sustainability in profound and meaningful ways.

I have had the honor to be on the board as our co-op opened a second store in a new neighborhood; deepened its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout its hiring and employment practices; opened a restaurant to gather community in another way; and as our co-op entered into its first collective bargaining agreement. It has been deeply rewarding, as well as deeply challenging. Honoring Seward Co-op’s efforts to sustain a healthy community as expressed in the Ends Statement can require difficult decisions to try to balance the interests and ideals we hold dear in an imperfect world.

I am completing my second term on the board, and I feel drawn to continue for one more term. When I was a new board member, I saw how the board as a whole benefits from having longer-term members, as well as the fresh energy and perspectives of new members. Now that I am a more experienced member, I have an institutional memory of how the co-op’s policies have evolved. I understand more of the reasons behind why they are the way they are, and I also have seen them change over time, and I know that they will continue to develop, as the co-op changes to serve the community, better realize our shared vision, and thrive in a competitive grocery marketplace.

As the board has become more diverse in many ways, we have needed to be more intentional about building trust. As a board member, I strive to listen deeply, be thoughtful, and appreciate multiple points of view. I am skilled at analyzing policies and searching for win-win solutions. I take the commitment of being a board member seriously and do my homework. Seward Co-op gives me hope.