In-store Music

  • Seward Co-op Dining Area

Franklin Store:

South Minneapolis musician JB McLain plays relaxing, original songs on acoustic guitar.


Friendship Store:

Minnesota Mark, a pop-rock-r&b-blues-folk singer-guitarist without a drummer who nevertheless ascends such heights of rhythmic intensity that his audiences do not notice the absence of the meathead pounding calfskins in the rear, was born and raised in Marion, Ohio (a nice place to be from) which was also home to Warren G. Harding, Rod Serling, John Dean, and Gerry Mulligan, all of whom considered influences. His repertoire includes Leonard Cohen, Taj Mahal, The Beatles, Rodgers & Hart, Nick Lowe, The Doors, Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Jimmy Buffett, Steely Dan, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Don McLean, The Gershwin Brothers, Little Feat, Howlin’ Wolf, The Grateful Dead, Joni Mitchell, Bobby Dylan, Bobby Darin, Bobby Troup, Bobby Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln, and Britney Spears. When Minnesota Mark hits the stage, anything can happen - (Sometimes the stage hits back) - Come see for yourself.