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Produce at its Peak: Hot Peppers

Throughout the year we are able to offer a selection of hot peppers including Jalapenos, Poblanos, Serranoes, Anaheims, and Habaneros. Yet, the world of hot peppers is so much broader and diverse than these five standards. We frequently receive requests for chilies we cannot source until the summer months when our local growers bring in…  Read More

Starter Plant Sale

Seward Co-op is hosting a plant sale from Sunday, May 1 through Sunday, June 5. The sale will feature starters from Riverbend Farm. For some time, the co-op had been in search of additional opportunities through which to work with this values-oriented farm. Riverbend is a pioneer in organic seed saving, and they seek the…  Read More

Recipe: Hot Link Chili with Seward-made Sausage

The Seward-made Hot Link sausage captures flavors of the growing season—with Anaheim, serrano and padrón peppers from Sin Fronteras Farm & Food in Stillwater, Minnesota, and pork from Peterson Craftsman Meats in Osceola, Wisconsin. Both are local Community Foods producers. Harness fresh, local pepper taste this winter by using the Hot Link as a chili…  Read More

Produce at its Peak: Colorful Picks

It’s definitely apple season in Minnesota. A coworker and I were reflecting on how lucky we are to have Hoch Orchard with its nearly infinite number of organic apple varieties. They change by the week, and sometimes we only have the more unusual kinds, like Akane and Golden Russet, for a few days. So if…  Read More