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Please note: Delivery is currently unavailable

All orders
  • Product substitutions are made at the discretion of fulfillment staff.
  • Returns are accepted for unsatisfactory purchases. All approved returns are eligible for exchange or credit. With receipt and product, returns may be issued in the form of the original purchase payment.
  • Items sold by weight will be fulfilled to the amount requested as closely as possible while also keeping whole units intact. Whole unit sizes may vary greatly.
  • Items will be charged at the regular retail price if fulfilled after a promotional (on sale) price end date.
  • $6 service fee will be applied to each order.
  • $.05 per shopping bag fee.
  • Payment by credit online.┬áVisa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted.
  • Owners may apply their quarterly discount to an order or round up for SEED. Please add a note at checkout.
  • No gift cards or coupons can be accept at this time.
  • WIC, EBT payments, or payments that require a PIN, cannot be accepted online. All WIC, EBT payments, or payments that require a PIN, need to be made in the store. Choose “Pay in-store” at checkout.
  • Orders that have not been picked up 24 hours after their assigned pickup times will be donated to a food shelf.
  • Orders are not guaranteed a same-day pickup time and may be re-assigned to a pickup time on a subsequent day.
Delivery – currently unavailable
  • WIC, EBT payments, or payments that require a PIN cannot be accepted at this time.
  • $8.50 delivery fee will be applied, in addition to the shopping fee.
  • Orders will be delivered between the start time and end time of the delivery window selected during checkout.
  • Orders that have not been paid prior to the delivery window will be assigned to a subsequent delivery window.
  • Orders will be delivered by Soderberg’s Florist.
  • During the COVID-19 pandemic drivers will use contactless delivery.
  • Drivers will attempt to contact customers two times to arrange a delivery drop location during the delivery window.
  • Drivers will attempt to follow delivery instructions provided at checkout.
  • Drivers who are unable to contact customers, and who do not have alternative instructions, will leave orders in the most appropriate location possible, and will leave a message with the customer noting the location.

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