Tami Bauers

Cooperative Project Coordinator

Since 1994, I have served co-ops throughout the U.S. as an employee, board member, owner/shopper and most recently as a freelance project coordinator. I have a Certificate in Co-operative Management and Executive Professional Development from the International Centre for Co-operative Management at St. Mary’s University in Halifax.

I am motivated to serve on the board and bring my cooperative sector experience which uses creative visioning to address any current challenges that impact Seward Co-op while staying rooted in the Ends Statement.

Serving on a board means working collaboratively. Some of my recent projects involved capital campaigns and project goals that required coordinating and compromising with staff, board, and owners through process, discussion, communication, and hard work.

Seward Co-op is a nationally recognized leader in implementing socially responsible practices, positive impacts on the environment, and equitable economic relationships. This has been accomplished by the excellent work of staff and board to cultivate systems and programs that consider varied stakeholders. If elected to serve, I would thoughtfully question where the co-op is going and how future planning must ensure the co-op has the resources to continue creating these positive impacts. This means staying informed and considering brave steps that might take the co-op in new directions.

My contributions to Seward Co-op are my willingness to listen and speak, my relationships with owners, staff, and community, and my knowledge of the cooperative economic model.

My vision for Seward Co-op has always been that it will continue to sustain a healthy community by doing its core work of being excellent and cherished grocery stores owned by the people who shop and work there. Over the next 50 years, I want to see the co-op further embrace international cooperative principle 6 – cooperation among cooperatives – and join forces to create a regional influence as a cooperative employer and provider of vital community businesses that are owned, operated, and used by the people in those communities.