Samuel Simmons

Behavioral Consultant

I have been motivated to run for Seward Co-op’s board after seeing and experiencing the benefits of having Seward co-op as part of the community. I want to participate more actively in Seward Co-op’s socially responsible food practices. I feel my over 32-year of experience as a behavioral consultant with unique expertise in team building, and practical, culturally sensitive trauma-informed community initiatives would be an addition to the board. I have been recognized as a creative thinker who quickly grasps the big picture and skillfully builds collaborative strategies aligned with organizational goals to meet on-target outcomes. I am an authentic leader committed to advancing social, racial, and economic justice. My vision for the co-op’s next 50 years is that people from all backgrounds know about the history of cooperatives as a tool to support society’s need for equitable economic relationships, positive environmental impacts, and inclusive, socially responsible food and community practices.