Sally Nixon

Sally is a believer in the cooperative model, and is interested in the success of food co-ops with regard to the historical development and maintenance of cooperatives that were initially created to be in service of communities in sustainable and equitable ways. Sally is passionate about supporting Seward Co-op in responding to the current social, political and environmental climate in ways that benefit communities and that have lasting, positive effects on small and large scales.

Sally is an active member in her community through various avenues such as serving on the Family Tree Clinic Board of Directors, creating intentional events within the LGBTQ community, providing health education to youth and adults and documenting the greatness of this city through her camera lens. Sally brings 20 years of work experience in the Social Work and Public Health field and is trained as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist.

In her spare time, Sally enjoys collaborating with the earth to grow a beautiful garden, biking through town greeting her neighbors and spending time with family. You can also find her dancing in any random spot on any given day!

Sally’s vision for Seward Co-op is that we continue to prioritize our efforts to include marginalized populations and make healthy living resources more accessible for all. This can happen through an engaged community that is well-informed about our relationships with the places our food comes from in order to have positive impacts near and far.