Eating healthfully and affordably can be challenging. Whether you have budget constraints or are just looking for ways to save on your grocery bill, Nourish offers something for everyone.

Needs-based Discounts

Shoppers who have financial need can become owners with an initial investment of $15 through the needs-based ownership option. (The remaining $60 of co-op stock is accrued through patronage refund earnings.) Needs-based ownerships are available to those enrolled in Minnesota Food Assistance/Support, WIC, MinnesotaCare and Minnesota Medical Assistance, or Social Security Disability. For more details about eligibility, visit Customer Service.

All co-op owners who have financial need may also apply for our everyday needs-based discount of 10%. Visit Customer Service to apply.

Recipes & Sampling

Nourish recipes are an affordable way to feed four people — often for $10 or less — using ingredients available at Seward Co-op. Find these fun and easy recipes at the Customer Service desk. Check the events calendar for opportunities to sample Nourish dishes.


Attend a free Nourish 101 class. Learn basic scratch-cooking techniques, how to prepare recipes that feed a family of four for under $10, and how to shop the co-op. View the classes calendar or pick up a list of classes at Customer Service.


“Staples” signs on the shelves highlight great everyday deals and some of the co-op’s most affordable foods and Wellness products.

Practical ideas about how we can nourish ourselves, our families, and our community, without sacrificing our values and our budgets.

Nourish Celebrates One-year Anniversary
Read about the impact the Nourish program has had in the first 12 months since its creation.


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