Moses Viveros

Moses (they/them/theirs) is a Community Food Systems Practitioner. They originally come from Chicago, where they received their BA in Sustainability Studies at Roosevelt University and then completed their MA in Food Studies and MBA at Chatham University in Pittsburgh. They have extensive experience working with a variety of start-ups, movements, organizations, and nonprofits that are centered around principles of food sovereignty.

They are passionate about building more equitable and just food systems and believe that making intentional relationships with community stakeholders is an integral part of creating a community-based food system. In Moses’ view, a larger part of building a more just and equitable food system also includes addressing & dismantling systemic conditions that limit one’s ability to access culturally affirming & nutritious foods and creating spaces that recognize and center the presence and voices of marginalized individuals and communities.

When not on the job, Moses enjoys traveling, reading, doing outdoorsy things, thrifting, and eating. However, if it’s winter, you’ll probably find them inside, wrapped in a warm blanket and watching bad reality TV shows, waiting for the warmth of spring and summer to return.

Co-ops are spaces that are centered around challenging conventional food systems, and Moses’ vision for the Seward Co-op is to create opportunities for owners, staff, and other community stakeholders to come together to dream of and build a food system that is rooted in food sovereignty principles.