Kate Seybold

Farm to School Coordinator, Minneapolis Public Schools

Food is how we nourish ourselves – individually and collectively. How we choose to grow, distribute, sell, buy, and prepare food shapes the wellbeing and resiliency of our community. I am running for Seward Co-op’s Board of Directors because Seward understands the power of food, and I want to do all I can to support the co-op in its service to our community.

I am a dedicated co-op owner. Every visit to Seward brings me joy knowing
that I’m shopping somewhere that upholds my commitment to local food, sustainability, and equity. I am also a food systems professional. I lead Minneapolis Public Schools’ Farm to School Program, incorporating hundreds of thousands of pounds of local food into school meals, and I serve as Co-Chair of Homegrown Minneapolis—a city advisory council committed to strengthening our food system. Through my work, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the importance of Seward Co-op for farmers, businesses, and community members.

As a director, I will draw on this expertise to ensure that Seward’s vision continues to serve the changing needs and priorities of our community. This includes deepening and expanding relationships with owners, suppliers, and shoppers. I will leverage my experience working with farms, food businesses, and community organizations to pursue inclusive, community-driven efforts that reflect Seward’s social and ethical priorities. I will also prioritize efforts that help all in our community feel welcomed, compelled, and proud to shop at Seward. And most importantly, I will do all of this work through a strategic lens, seeking creative ways to uphold the financial sustainability and growth of the co-op while in pursuit of Seward’s vision.

To do this work requires a collaborative approach as a director. To me, collaboration is a continuous process of listening, finding common ground, and building unified pathways forward. Therefore, I will seek to regularly engage stakeholders in dynamic ways to incorporate diverse visions, ideas, and priorities in all board activities.

Like you, I believe in the cooperative model—and I especially believe in Seward Co-op. It would be an honor to represent you on the board of directors.