Kate Seybold

Farm to School Coordinator, Minneapolis Public Schools

Food is how we nourish ourselves—individually and collectively. How we choose to grow, distribute, sell, buy, and prepare food shapes the wellbeing and resiliency of our community. I am running for re-election to Seward Co-op’s Board of Directors because Seward Co-op understands the power of food, and I want to do all I can to continue supporting the co-op in its service to our community.

I am a dedicated co-op owner; I love shopping somewhere that upholds my commitment to local food, sustainability, and equity. I am also a food systems professional. I lead Minneapolis Public Schools’ Farm to School Program, incorporating hundreds of thousands of pounds of local food into school meals. In addition, I co-chair Homegrown Minneapolis, a city advisory council committed to strengthening our food system. Through my work, I’ve developed a deep understanding of the importance of Seward Co-op for farmers, businesses, and shoppers in our community.

Since joining Seward Co-op’s Board of Directors last November, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the co-op’s Ends Statement—deepening my understanding of what it means for Seward Co-op to pursue and embody its ideals. How do we, as a food co-op, make our food and stores welcoming and accessible to all? How do we build and advocate for economic justice and racial equity? Seward Co-op is an agent of change, and it is when we come together when we can best achieve our vision. One of the most rewarding parts of my time on the board has been serving on the Community Engagement Committee and helping to guide the board’s work to deepen connections with our community. As a board member, I want to continue to think about new ways to engage owners, shoppers, and neighbors in Seward Co-op’s work to build a more sustainable, equitable, and healthy community through good food and cooperation.

Like you, I believe in the cooperative model—and I especially believe in Seward Co-op. It would be an honor to continue representing you on the Board of Directors for another term.