Kameron Lindsey

Environmental Technician/Equity Advocate

Seward Co-op is very important to me and I believe in the principles behind the Ends Statement. Having struggled in recent years with my own health, I realize the importance of food as medicine and rely on Seward as a place I feel welcomed, supported, and can find healthy food. I want to be part of making Seward more accessible for everyone, as I understand many challenges owners can face.

Growing up in a mixed family in Minneapolis, seeing my Black and white relatives have very different life experiences while my own experience differs from both, I’ve learned in deeply personal ways (not just professionally) how communication, patience, understanding, and respect can impact a multicultural community. I think this would be especially valuable to the board’s use of policy governance in representing the various owners within our co-op.

I’m focused on environmental, racial, and economic justice, public health and meaningful community engagement. My approach is working collaboratively, involving as many voices, ideas, and perspectives as possible to ensure all aspects of a topic are considered and represented.

I’ve worked in retail/sales, food service, education, and supervising environmental abatement. Each position involved communicating, collaborating, and balancing competing interests. I believe this variety of life and professional experience is valuable and helps provide well-rounded, analytical insights into board governance.

Co-chairing the Minneapolis Racial Equity Community Advisory Committee, and participating in Nexus Community Partners’ Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute, helped prepare me for leadership roles. I’ve also attended nearly every Seward board meeting since early 2018, familiarizing myself with board business/process. There’s always room for improvement, and I believe trying new things can lead to better outcomes.

In these challenging socioeconomic times, it’s critically important to uplift our shared values. Seward Co-op’s Ends Statement focuses on equity, inclusivity, and being environmentally and socially responsible. We as a community, business, and employer strive to live up to these values through our actions and our words. If elected, I’ll be actively engaged, transparent, and accessible. I’ll welcome feedback and expect to be held accountable. It would be a privilege to represent the owners of Seward.