Special Orders

Seward Co-op gladly accepts special orders of case quantities and items not stocked on our shelves. Please place your special order in the department of the product you wish to order. Grocery department special orders can also be placed at the customer service desk. To ensure that your order if filled correctly, please be as specific as possible. Include brand, item, size, and quantity. Supply an active phone number or email address where you can be reached when your order arrives.

  • Some items are only available in case quantities, which are determined by the vendor. We will contact you if your desired quantity does not meet the case minimum. Case discounts are 10% for members and 5% for non-members, and do not apply to sale items.
  • Deli orders require 48 hours notice. Orders are refrigerated, and may need to be reheated. Please ask deli staff for reheating instructions.
  • We will contact you if your order will take longer than one week to fulfill or if the item is unavailable.
  • You will receive a call or email when your order is ready. Your order will be held for one week from the day you are contacted.