Dontarrious Thomas

Self Employed

My motivation for running for Seward Co-op board of directors is that I value Seward Co-op’s Ends as they personally align with my own passions and desires. Additionally, it has been rewarding to see them being carried out by both the staff and the board of directors at Seward.

Being a current restaurant owner for multiple years has allowed me to understand the supply chain and consumer demands which would be beneficial to the co-op board. This experience will assist me in serving the staff, owners and community members to ensure we provide food access, jobs, and a cooperative economic model that will benefit our communities for years to come. In addition, this experience has also allowed me to understand the needs of staff and community while balancing business goals.

In addition to me being a restaurant owner I am also a former NFL player. This experience required that I foster a cooperative approach to how I approach decision making on and off the field. I strongly believe that each member plays a critical role in meeting the overall objective. I believe all members of Seward play multiple positions within the company such as staff, board of directors, owners, and community members. I believe my personal value in my experiences working alongside others who come from different cultural, racial, economic and sexual orientations other than mine will serve me well. The health and wellness of the community we serve creates a sustainable environment for the co-op, which helps guides my overall vision for the organization.

If offered an opportunity to serve as a board member of Seward, I pledge I would serve with integrity, lead with passion, create avenues cooperation and engagement; with the overall goal of ensuring Seward is around for many years to come.