Ownership Payment Options

Owners are the foundation of Seward Co-op. We've made it as easy as possible for you to become part of that community. Choose from three payment options for becoming a co-op owner: paid-in-full, installments and a needs-based option for those who qualify. A new ownership purchased with any of the three payment options will have immediate full owner benefits. Full owner equity at Seward Co-op is twenty-five $3 shares of Class A stock.

Paid in Full

Full owner equity of $75 is purchased at one time.


This option splits the equity purchase into three payments made on the following schedule:

  • Initial payment - nine shares ($27)
  • Within three months of initial payment - eight shares ($24)
  • Within six months of initial payment - eight shares ($24)

Delinquent equity payments will suspend owner benefits until received. Ownerships purchased with this option may not be repurchased until the remaining equity balance is paid in full.


For new owners who are currently enrolled in Minnesota Food Assistance/Support, Minnesota Health Care, Social Security Disability Insurance, or Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC), a new ownership can be purchased for an initial equity investment of $15. These owners will earn their remaining $60 of owner equity through future patronage refunds. In this case, the patronage refunds will be converted to class A stock until their combined total reaches the full $75 cost of ownership.

To apply for the needs-based option, community members are asked to complete a confidential request form, available in the co-op at the Customer Service desk. The needs-based ownership form allows you to indicate enrollment in any of the programs listed above, or to describe other circumstances that merit assistance.

All co-op owners who have financial need may also apply for our everyday needs-based discount of 10%. Visit Customer Service to apply.