• The Franklin Cooperative Creamery Building

    A rich cooperative history in the Seward neighborhood

Seward Co-op purchased the Creamery building at 2601 E. Franklin Ave in 2022, just over 100 years after it had been built. In 1921, construction wrapped on the building, then home to the Franklin Cooperative Creamery Association (FCCA). The consumer dairy cooperative began in 1919 and produced various items, from chocolate milk to sweet cream butter to cottage cheese and ice cream. At its height, the FCCA was responsible for 80 percent of the milk supply in the Twin Cities. As a result, there are still relics inside the Creamery Building from the FCCA’s 40 years there, including framed uniforms, milk crates, and other artifacts. Though the building has seen other businesses come and go through its doors, from a Harley-Davidson dealership to a medical supply company, it is once again home to a co-op, including Seward’s administrative offices, production facilities, and more.