Claire Purvey Houston


As an employee of 12 years at Seward Co-op I care deeply for the business, the workers, and the community we serve. I’d like to carry my knowledge and experience onto the board to assist in the ongoing evolution of our cooperative.

I’ve worked in the Finance department my entire tenure with the co-op, and accordingly have an intimate knowledge of not only our financials but also the relationships we have with product vendors, service providers, and community at large. I’ve participated on several committees both for function and fun: the safety committee, co-chairing the staff party planning committee, and I currently lead invoice & coding trainings, as well as C stock informational sessions for staff.

Working collaboratively means all are heard and understood while working towards a clear end goal. In my experience the best way to evolve cohesively is to have a mutual comprehension of what, why, and how.

Seward Co-op is a grocery business in a constantly changing environment. Our fiscal solvency within the parameters of our Ends Statement is the highest priority. Longevity and flexibility are key in a healthy foundation from which we can continue to grow, and continue to offer competitive pricing, community programs, and quality benefits and pay to our employees.

In the current climate of uncertainty and community calls for equity, the co-op has adapted admirably. What constitutes a healthy community has become very literal, and I hope to support that with the board. My vision for Seward Co-op at the moment is self-care. Care for our cooperatively-owned business and its fiscal solvency, and care for our workers so they know they’re a priority.

As a board member I would continue to support all the programs already in place that suit our Ends so well – SEED, responsible waste management and composting, and vendor diversity. I would search for ways to improve these programs while supporting my colleagues in understanding and doing the same. I would work to ensure we continue to have the platform to bolster the current programs and explore new ideas through the success of the cooperative.