Brit Ramsland

Customer Service – Seward Co-op

Hi! I’m Brit, my pronouns are they/them, I’m bi and non-binary, and I live in South Minneapolis. If you shop at the Friendship Store there’s a very good chance you’ve seen me as I say “Hello!” to you from the customer service desk. I’ve worked at Seward for 7 years; prior to that I worked at two other Minnesota grocery cooperatives, starting in 2011. At university I studied reconciliation, with a focus in environmental studies. At Seward I’ve been involved in the SEED roundup committees, queer trans affinity group, safety committee, I represent workers in our labor management committee, and I’ve worked on bargaining committee for our union contracts in 2018, and now in 2023.

I’m running for the board to once again share and champion my idea that Seward Co-op can and should open the first cooperative unionized cannabis dispensary in the Creamery Cafe space.

I see this as our best option for using the creamery space; we can continue to grow our critical equity work, support our grocery stores, as well as create tremendous potential for profits that then go back into our community as patronage refunds.

We are on the precipice of a historic change in our state, we can choose to participate and set a standard based on our values of inclusive, socially responsible practices, positive environmental impacts, and equitable economic relationships. I am so excited about this new avenue to lift up social and environmental justice in our co-op community! I envision a future where we grow our profits to share with our owners, while supporting other inclusive, local, small scale, cooperative, sustainable producers, and sustaining Seward co-op for generations to come.

If you want to connect with questions or ideas, you can find me at the customer service desk at the Friendship Store, or on Instagram @Brit4bod