Anthony Ceballos


I grew up in a small apartment in South Minneapolis with my single Ojibwe mother. We were extremely poor and the food that was around was the highly processed kind that would last in the cupboard, which would feed a growing child on whatever money was available. When I was a kid, I was happy to have food on my plate. My mother was happy to be able to feed her child.

Flashforward to 2021, I’m 31 years old and find myself more concerned than ever about the multitude of food issues that plague our population. I think about our nation’s damaged food system and how it often values the dollar over people and real nutrition. I think about how difficult it is to access good, wholesome food. I think about my mom and me.

Before the Friendship store moved in, South Central/Powderhorn was a tremendous food desert. The co-op’s arrival put an end to that. The Friendship store opened itself so meaningfully to the entire community through their kindness, passion and understanding of the diversity of the eaters they serve.

I will do everything to make sure all Seward Co-op stores and eateries remain thoughtful, welcoming, healthy and sustainable food sources to all. I will add my voice to the diverse tapestry of lived experiences that guides Seward Co-op forward. A food source for the people, by the people.

For the last four years I’ve worked at a small, independent bookstore called Birchbark Books and Native Arts, where every staff member is involved in every decision. It has been a profound collaborative process. I plan on bringing this energy to all decisions that face Seward Co-op if elected. This will be my first time sitting on a board.

I believe in good nutrition. I believe everyone should have access to healthy foods. I believe in the co-op’s role to bring good nutrition and healthy foods to the communities it serves while remaining a reflection and active member of that community. If elected, I will do my part to make sure it stays that way.