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A box in the shape of Minnesota filled with apples on a red and green checkered blanket

Fall in Love with Apples

Tis the season–for apples! This vibrant, multi-hued fruit is a member of the rose family, and each fall, you can find a wide variety of locally grown apples on the produce shelves at Seward Co-op. Minnesota has commercial apple orchards in nearly 90% of its counties, and there are more than 330,000 acres of apples…

Produce at its Peak: It’s Apple Season

Crab apples were the only apples growing reliably in Minnesota before the mid-1800s, but years of experimentation and tree losses from harsh winters have resulted in our state producing some of the most flavorful and unique apples you will find. A short growing season and variable pest problems in local apple orchards make Midwestern organic…  Read More

A photo of a person standing in an apple orchard with text that reads "Support stewards of the land"

Whistling Well Farm

Whistling Well Farm is a local, small-scale sustainable apple orchard committed to sustainable and bee-friendly orchard management.