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Citrus: Brightness When We Need It Most

Organic Blood Oranges in the Produce Department When customers ask which apple I’d recommend right now, I respond that in place of apples, its citrus I’m choosing for myself and recommending to others. While other fruit varieties are limited (in quantity or quality) or are simply not available in the winter, citrus really shines. At…  Read More

A photo of two smiling people holding bottles of salad dressing with text overlay that reads "Support women-owned small businesses"

Salad Girl

About Salad Girl Pam Powell is the founder of Salad Girl Organic Salad Dressings, a small Twin Cities family business that has been making flavorful organic salad dressings for 16 years. Salad Girl sprouted from Pam’s summer job as a teenager, which led to a lifelong love of eating and preparing fresh and flavorful dressings.…

Produce At Its Peak: Citrus and Avocado

When we began discussing a fair trade avocado program with Equal Exchange, we were told that not only were the avocados organically grown by PRAGOR, a small, farmer-owned cooperative–therefore P6– they were supposedly more delicious than other organic avocados on the market from both California and Mexico. Satisfying our values and our palettes is something…  Read More

Produce At Its Peak: Turnips and Rutabaga

People often joke about how much Minnesotans like to talk about the weather. When it comes to produce, however, weather is not just small talk–for the most part, it is the reason we have or do not have produce to sell. This is true locally – a late frost in spring can wipe out an…  Read More