LaDonna Sanders Redmond

Intercultural Organizational Development Consultant

I am motivated by the consolidation in the grocery industry. This consolidation is also a market opportunity. In a competitive grocery market, the values and principles of cooperation is what makes us different than any competitor. In this competitive environment, I will support my co-op to be as successful as it has in the past and prepare to become an even more successful business and workplace in the future.

I was the Equity and Community Engagement Manger at Seward. The success of that work serves as an inspiration to co-ops across the country. Currently, I support other co-ops to become equitable. I am working on a Masters degree in cooperative and credit union management.

Collaboration looks like working with my board colleagues toward a common vision. Collaboration is supported by working in cooperation with each other. The Ends Statement sets the vision for our work together. Building consensus requires building trust. Trust is built when actions and words line up.

I support more co-op community dialogues. Local food co-ops might benefit from joint community gatherings beyond annual meetings. I also encourage greater use of technologies to talk with folks who cannot make it out to meetings such as quarterly gatherings (using Zoom or WebEx).

In a highly competitive grocery market, being an efficient co-op business is very important. Without member owners, Seward cannot achieve the Ends. I am very interested in the ways that the board can support increasing shopper volume, all of the workers, the local community, and the planet.

The approach that Seward has taken with the development of the Nourish program and Community Foods has a broader impact on our larger cooperative community. These programs support producers, farmers and other business that supply Seward with products. This is an important aspect of building a cooperative economy.

The Ends Statement is a beacon that serves to chart the direction of the cooperative. Seward may not get to the Ends but intentionally works towards a sustainable, fair and just world for all. In the Ends Statement, the journey is as important as the destination.