SEED: Seward Co-op's Donation Program

June SEED recipient: Green Garden Bakery

Green Garden Bakery youth, supported by the nonprofit Urban Strategies, Inc., grow vegetables in their urban garden, bake them into healthy vegetable-based desserts (vegan and gluten-free), and market them using sustainable practices. The youth sell the desserts for “pay-what-you-want” and donate proceeds back to the community.

Green Garden Bakery sells their goods at farmers markets, community events and online. They hope to get their wholesale license soon so they can sell in stores like Seward Co-op! The SEED grant will help Green Garden Bakery get their commercial kitchen space up and running this fall.

So far, 16,395 customers have donated $7,278.

ImageOne way Seward Co-op lives its Ends Statement to “sustain a healthy community” is through robust community grants. The SEED program is a simple yet powerful community giving opportunity that allows customers to “round-up” their grocery bill for recipient organizations that share our commitment to a healthy community. All funds donated at the register are given directly to the recipient organization at the end of each month, often totaling over $20,000 per month. Become a SEED recipient.

April: Sexual Violence Center
(55,858 shoppers donated $24,852)

March: Soup for You Cafe
(51,381 shoppers donated $22,728)

February: Cultural Wellness Center
(42,457 shoppers donated $18,416)

January: Mental Health Resources
(48,609 shoppers donated $21,449)

Find SEED donation totals for past year's recipients here, including emergency disaster relief efforts.