Produce Re-Buyer

TK (they/them) is currently a Produce Re-Buyer at the Franklin store, and supports their co-workers as both a union steward and as a co-chair of the Labor Management Committee at Seward. They believe that we must disrupt white supremacy, settler colonialism, transphobia, ableism, classism, and all other systems of oppression that exist at the co-op, and position ourselves to work against them in the broader community.

In a rapidly changing city like Minneapolis, it’s not enough for Seward to focus on profitability and to model ourselves off of large for-profit grocery stores. Instead, we need to be relevant to our neighborhoods—relevant to our Native members, our Black members, our members of color, our working class members, our employees, our producers—and lead the way in what a grocery cooperative can be.

TK envisions a co-op where members are a meaningful part of decision-making at Seward— through more active involvement in the board, participation in committees that work on specific challenges at the co-op, creation of spaces for discussion and member contribution, and by addressing systems of oppression that keep members from being their whole selves at Seward. As the Designated Employee Director, TK is particularly interested in exploring ways that employees, farmers, and producers can be a more active part of the board.

TK serves as the Secretary/Treasurer and is a co-founder of MATCH Cooperative, a not-for-profit that builds affordable housing in Minneapolis that is owned and operated by its residents, and is a collective member of the newly reopened Boneshaker Books on Franklin Avenue. In order to balance the tension between working toward a more socially just world while also navigating the real need for financial stability, TK has found that communities themselves have the best insight into how to meet their own needs and how to find ways to thrive.

In their spare time, TK holds events in the LGBTQ+ community, creates space for addressing interpersonal violence and personal healing, and eats a whole lot of local produce. They live by the idea that “Nobody can do everything, but together we can do a lot!”